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Our reverend Founder Secretary Sir


Accessibility : Every child must have a school within the comfortable radius of his or her home with the provision of a reliable transport mechanism.
Quality : Every child has the right to quality education, as upheld by the Constitution of India and the Founders’ Vision. The education we impart at Central Academy is a fine blend of child-centric pedagogy and technology.
Economy : Every child has the right to affordable education. Central Academy is known all over the Nation for its equitable policy on fee structuring.
Equality : Irrespective of gender or caste, economic status or religion- every child has the right to attend a good school. Central Academy has set a benchmark in forty years for others to follow and imbibe.
Safety : We follow the strictest security protocol and safety drills to ensure that your child is nurtured in a safe school environment.


Over Four decades ago, the Founding Fathers envisioned an Institution which would provide the basis of learning and development of urban communities in India. The journey from the begining till done, we hope, would do justice to their vision. Today, Central Academy is held in high esteem for having created a micro community which:

1.Respects cultural diversity and unifies all under one vision and mission.
2.Is dynamic and evolving in nature, encouraging innovation.
3.Develops a love for inquiry based learning through student led pedagogues.
4.Promotes positive communication and healthy collaboration.