Central Academy Institutions, with over 5 decades of experience, has excelled in imparting quality education to students entrusted to its care. The educational group has a strong network of schools spread over 3 states with 64 branches. The fast-growing alumni fraternity of over 1,00,000 students bears testimony to Central Academy’s growing popularity, exemplary curriculum structure, wide range of co-curricular activities and exceptional faculty. Pioneers in quality education in the country, Central Academy Institutions made their humble beginnings in Rajasthan. The chain continued to grow nurture its students by imparting traditional Indian values and progressive global ideas. The Institution’s Jouriey towards growth has been very fulfilling as they have produced thousands of Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Techies, IITians, CAs, Judges, Army personnel, Finance Service Personnel, Bankers, Lawyers and many other professionals. Some of the meritorious students have also made a mark for themselves overseas. Presently more than 20 alumni of Central Academy are working in Silicon Valley, USA, as engineers. Two of our students are professors in prestigious universities like Harvard and University of Texas, Austin, USA. Above all, the Central Academy family has produced self-reliant, sensitive and responsible human beings who are lifelong learners.







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