Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations

The following enclosures should compulsorily be attached with registration form-

  • Transfer Certificate from the school attended previously.
  • Photostat copy of the Progress Report of previous class.

Fee Rule

The fee will be collected by the 15th of every due month and if this day falls on a holiday, the next working day will be the last day.

If the fee is not deposited till the 15th of a month, late fee will be charged for each day, the student’s name will be struck off from the register if the fee is not deposited till the end of month.

Fees once deposited will not be refunded. If a student seeks to leave school, a notice of withdrawal, at least a month in advance will have to be submitted, failing which he or she will be required to deposit one month’s tuition and other relevant fees.

A student seeking admission during mid-session will have to pay all the general fees for the full year, examination fee for the remaining examination, tuition fee and conveyance fee for the current and the following months.