From Principal’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to launch the website of Central Academy. Efforts have been made to portray the vision and mission of the Central Academy. Education is the underpinning for the development of any country. Central Academy Gorakhpur was established in 1994 by the then secretary Pt. T.N. Mishra who was also the founder of this Institution. He established this institution to cater to the needs of the students coming from the educationally backward part of the state. His vision was, “Knowledge is a journey and not the destination.”

From 1994 till today with the excellent team of teaching fraternity with highest qualification, vast experience and hard working, dedicative non teaching staff we have progressed by leaps and bounds and established a brand name in the field of education in the eastern UP. We have established four branches in the city with all the important infrastructure and modern aid of the learning. We believe in the saying that “The journey of the thousand miles begins with one step.”

Though in the era of commercialization of education and modernization yet we nurture the students with utmost dedication and imbibe in them dedication towards studies, discipline and ethical values continually.

Our director Shri Srinjay Mishra is a man of modern vision. Under his guidance we are progressing from down to top. His principle of living is “All our dream can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

With the evolution of the computer age, information has crept into every sphere of human life. In order to keep pace with the current technological trends, the school is launching its well designed website with constantly reviewed syllabus and other information which will give students and guardians a holistic and pragmatic view of the institution.

Best wishes and happy beginning!

Mrs. R. Chadha