Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations
  • Students must observe punctuality in arriving at school. A late-comer may not be allowed to enter the school or class. Continuous late-comers (1 week) could be suspended.
  • All the Students must come neatly dressed to School. During regular checking any student found without proper uniform shall be punished, it is compulsory to come in House Uniform on every Saturday.
  • The minimum attendance compulsory is:
    • Nursery to IV: 70%
    • V Onwards: 80%
  • Student falling short of attendance prescribed above will not be allowed to appear for the Examination.
  • One who has been absent on the previous day without leave application will not be admitted to the class.
  • The students must bring books and copies according to time-table.
  • Parents can meet teachers only on the 2nd Saturday of every month between 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.


Parents/Guardians and School

Parent-Teacher meet is organized on 2nd Saturday of  every month and soon after FA and SA examination, giving an opportunity to the parents to see the answer copies and discuss the progress of their ward, thoroughly conveying the problems and valuable suggestions. Please attend the P.T. meets positively in the general interest of your wards. For effective education, it is necessary that the school receives full co-operation from the parents in giving education to the students.

Refinement of habits, Diligence in studies, Integrity in character

Even at home, guidance, encouragement and opportunity should be constantly provided for mental growth.

Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate in enforcing regularity and discipline be seeing that their child rent prepare their Lessons and o their home work.

Parents/Guardians are particularly requested to sign the principal’s /Teacher’s remarks in their diary after reading them. The School disclaims all responsibilities if the remarks are not signed.

Parents/ Guardians or other persons are not permitted to see the students or teachers during hours without prior permission of the principal.

In case of any complaint about the school, parents are requested to contact the principal and not the class teacher. Criticism of the school or teachers in the presence of the students should be avoided, as it adversely effects discipline.


Some other important information

Interview with Principal:

Interviews by appointment only. Timing for interviews is generally from 10:30 am to 12:30 am but it is advised to fix up an appointment before a visit to avoid inconvenience. Please do not visit without appointment as it adversely affects school schedule.

Regarding School Fees:

School Fees has to be deposited till 15th of every month. After 15th name will be struck off and Re-Admission fee will be charged.


Attendance of the child should be 85% in session.

Private Tuition:

A Private Tutor may be engaged only after the approval of the principal has been obtained.

The principal or management of the school will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding that may aries between the parents/guardians and the members of the staff taking a tuition. The contract is to be considered taking place solely and entirely between the parent/guardian and the member of the staff.

Change of Address:

The School does the registered change of address from altered letter head etc. and only registers change of address on specific written request from the parents/guardians.

School Books:

Parents are information that only books prescribed by the school are to be used in various classes, no books should be purchased from outside without official intimation from the principal.

School Conveyance:

The school has got its buses and provides transport facility for student. Those who want to avail this facility are advised to fill up in the admission form and return it at the time of admission renewal of admission. Conveyance facility will be provided for 11 months.

Fee Rules

  • Fee will be collected only from 8:00 and to 2:00 pm.
  • A sum of Rs. 200 will be deposited at the time of Annual charge for Report Card, Syllabus & Fee card
  • A duplicate card can be obtained from the office on payment of Rs. 50/-
  • This card must be brought at the time of payment of fee.

Terms & conditions

All dues must be cleared before a student appears in the F.A. & S.A. Exam. Defaulters are liable to be refused to appear in these Exams.

Conveyance fee will be charged for 11 months. After filling the Conveyance form, student will not be allowed to leave the conveyance in any condition.

Fee Payment Schedule

In AprilIn JulyIn Sep.In Nov.In jan.

April+ May + June

(Adm. Fee/Annual Charge + Tuition Fee+ Computer +Smart Class Fee+ Fee Card, Syllabus, Report Card & Conveyance)


July+ August

(Tuition Fee + Computer +Smart Class Fee Exam. Fee & Conveyance)

Sep. + Oct.

(Tuition Fee + Computer + Smart Class Fee & Conveyance)

Nov. + Dec.

(Tuition Fee + Computer + Smart Class Fee Exam. Fee & Conveyance)

Jan. + Feb. + Mar.

(Tuition Fee + computer + Smart Class Fee Exam. Fee & Conveyance)





Instructions to the students

  1. Monthly hair-cut and daily bathing has to be done by boys and girls as personal hygiene measures.
  2. Nails are to be trimmed weekly. Boys/Girls are not supposed to grow their nails.
  3. Shirt buttons should not be kept open and the shirt has to be tucked in properly irrespective of the dress. Belt and ties to be worn tightly and visibly.
  4. Dyeing of hair or using hair-gels is not permitted.
  5. Hair-style should be according to the norms of the School.
  6. Girl student should tie their hair in two plaits. Single Plait is not allowed.
  7. Students are not allowed to bring or use Mobile Phones, Cameras in the school premises.
  8. No Law-waist pants should be permitted in the School.
  9. Bringing and using chewing-gums, Pan-parags, alcohols, tobacco items or drugs are strictly prohibited.


Discipline and Rules of Discipline

The school insists on punctuality, regularity, attendance, obedience to teachers and cleanliness. Late coming is not permitted. The Principal will be the sole authority to take disciplinary action including dismissal of students with the approval of Manager of School.

Following rules of discipline must be observed by every student of the school.

  • All students must come to school on time. Late coming should not be permitted.
  • Students must come to school in clean, tidy and proper dress with sparkling shoes.
  • No personal CD’s, Cameras, USB-Memory, I-pods and Mobile phones should be brought by the students to school.
  • Students are not permitted to entertain teachers or any other staff member with Gifts.
  • Students failing twice in the same class will have to leave the school. Every students is responsible for safe custody of his/her belongings. The school shall not be responsible for the loss of any belongings.
  • Ornaments and Jewellery of any kind are not permitted in the school.
  • Pupils are not advice to bring big amount of money to the school.
  • At warning bell, students should proceed to where it summons them.
  • Perfect silence and order should be maintained by the pupils in the school premises.
  • School uniform is compulsory and should be in accordance with the …… prescribed by the school


Central Academy Uniform Code

Pre primary        Summer

Boys Girls
Yellow shirt Half Yellow Shirt Half
Blue Half Bib Pant Red Bib Skirt
Red SocksBlue Socks
Black Shoes Black shoes
 Red Band or Red Ribbon


Primary I-V         Summer

Boys Girls
White Shirt Half (With Monogram)White Shirt Half (With Monogram)
White Half PantWhite Tunic
White Socks White Socks
Black Shoes Black Shoes
Tie, Belt Tie, Belt
 White Ribbon or White Band


Pre Primary        Winter

Boys Girls
Yellow shirt FullYellow Shirt Full
Blue Full Pant Red Bib Skirt Same Colour Laggings
Half Red Sweater Blue Half Sweater
Full Red Sweater With CapFull Blue Sweater with Cap


Primary I-V         Winter

Boys Girls
White shirt Full White shirt Full
Grey Full PantGrey Tunic
Maroon Half Sweater with C.A.Black Leggings
Maroon Blazer With MonogramMaroon Half Sweater with C.A.
 Maroon Blazer with Monogram

VI-VIII   Summer

Boys Girls
White shirt Half (with Monogram) White shirt Half (with Monogram)
White Full PantWhite Plated Skirt
White Socks Long socks
Black Shoes Black Shoes
Tie, BeltTie, Belt

IX-XIII    Summer

Boys Girls
White shirt Half (with Monogram) White Colour, Collared Neck Half Sleeve Suit, Maroon Dupatta
White Full PantWhite Socks
White Socks Black Shoes
Black Shoes White Ribbon
Tie, Belt 

VI – VIII                 Winter

Boys Girls
White shirt FullWhite Shirt Full
Grey Full PantGrey Skirt
Maroon Half Sweater with C.A. MonogramBlack Leggings
Maroon Blazer with MonogramMaroon Half Sweater with C.A. Monogram
Tie, BeltMaroon Blazer with Monogram

IX-XII     Winter

Boys Girls
White shirt FullGrey Colour, Collared Neck Half Sleeve Suit, Maroon Dupatta
Grey Full PantKurta & White Pajjama
Maroon Half Sweater with C.A. MonogramMaroon Half Sweater With C.A. Monogram
Maroon Blazer With MonogramMaroon Half Sweater with C.A. Monogram
CapMaroon Blazer with Monogram

* No Mufflars are allowed in winter.

House Uniform

  • On Wednesday & Saturday
  • House Colour T-Shirt
  • White/Paint/Trouser/Skirt
  • White P.T. Shoes
  • We agree to abide by the above rules of discipline