Vision and Mission

“Amongst the greatest of all great services that can possibly be rendered by a man to Almighty is the education of children”
Education is a continuous and creative process which aims at developing the capacities in human nature and to co-ordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society by equipping children with spiritual and material knowledge.
Education available in schools and colleges is focusing on exam/job-oriented education which does not satisfy the thirst for knowledge and thus does not help students to live the full potential of life. Consequently students pass their school/college examination but they are unsuccessful in their life examination.
The highest goal of education is to create ideal citizens, individuals, capable of fulfilling their own goals while upholding the interests of others and the progress of the whole society and the nation. For this purpose we have to train/teach/educate our students in such a way as to imbibe in them all the qualities of true education given by our great educationists and mentioned in our shastras – Education is that which completely develops the individual to make an original contribution to life and society according to his best capacity. Through education an individual makes his life in harmony with all existence.
“lk fo|k ;k foeqDr;s”@ “vga czg~ekfLe @ vkRekua fof) ” / “Know Theself” etc. etc.
In brief we have to equip the young minds with material as well as spiritual knowledge – the knowledge of the world and beyond. Only then a child can lead a blissful, happy and perfect life that is the goal of true education.