From Principal’s Desk

From Principal's Desk

 Education is not a destination on which we arrive but a direction in which we move. Scientists say that the genes determine the direction in which a child will move. Every child is unique and we teachers have to study the uniqueness of every child and direct him towards socially acceptable norms. Our task is challenging. Though we have divided the students into classes and sections but we use Socratic method to teach every child and minister to his/her capacity and needs. Our mission is not only to teach our charges but to educate them; not to make them learn but to be a learner themselves; not to train but to develop the capacity for self-training.

The destiny of a nation is designed within the fourwalls of a school as Mahatma  Gandhi said. But what kind of school? A school which is very big and in which many thousand students study? No, perhaps not. He means to say of a great school and great teachers. But which is a great school and who are great teachers? Is a school great having a large and imposing building, having a big library, having big laboratories or having a big infra-structure? Not at all. A great school is great with great teachers who love teaching and with great vision- vision of making the school beautiful generating righteousness among its students who are professionally sound and morally upright. A school is great having teachers committed and devoted to the pursuit of knowledge for imparting to its young minds. A school is great which possesses the teachers who love teaching with the capacity to teach all students to succeed. A school is great in which creativity of the teachers and taughts is bubbling everywhere.   A great school should be a place of enquiry, creativity, and learning.

In brief, my mission is to create great teachers, preachers, leaders, philosophers, scientists, scholars, poets, writers, mathematicians, economists and artists etc. from this academy with the team of our great teachers which will be the greatest contribution in the development of our nation.

I conclude with the inspiring lines of Douglas Malloch:

Good timber does not grow with ease,

The stronger the wind, the stronger trees

The farther sky, the greater the length

The more the storm, the more the strength,

By sun and cold, by rain and snow,

In trees and men good timbers grow.

Jai Hind.


Mr Rajesh kumar Tripathi
Central Academy, Deoria