School Facilities


In this modern era transport and communication have been life line for humanism. It is impossible to sketch the frame of development without it .Central Academy Chauri Chaura has not only leading and aggressive performance in academic area but also it is well – equipped with luxurious conveyance facilities. The school has five conveyances vehicular facilities for picking and dropping the far off students coming from remote area these all the conveyances are equipped with well trained, expert and disciplined drivers and conductors. Conveyance facilities play a vital role for those students who remain deprived of High Education living in of distant area. But the school has prompt and well managed conveyance facility which provides all easy education for far off living students through transport system. Since 2000 most of the students fleeing toward urban areas for high education has been diverting their mind toward central Academy Chauri Chaura. The cheap and best is the salient feature of school conveyance facility.

So, in coming days the school will give better conveyance facility through its fast and safe means of transports with grand sitting plan and well conditioned vehicles. Definitely the conveyance facility of Central Academy Chauri Chaura will pave the stout route of educational development in coming years.


Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff

One can take fancy about the success and splendid performance of any school only in case of good combination of working hands. Yes, the concern has fantastic combination of teaching staff having experience more than several years. Central Academy Chauri Chaura is equipped with the best combination of 35 teaching staff who one expects in their own subject with high academic quality. The surety of stability and grand facilities encourage the teachers to do better and better in each year.

In concern of staff, one can not deny the contribution of non- teaching staff.  Central Academy chauri chaura is nicely equipped with 11 non-teaching staffs along with 3 maid staff that are resolved to keep their eye over the small kids in side the school. Well- disciplined and prompt employees are cautious and careful on their duties not only through out the working while but also after it.