From Principal’s Desk

From Principal's Desk

C. Principal sir 20160507_113339Central Academy has a long chain of institutions in India. In this sequence, Chauri –Chaura branch of Central Academy was established in 1998 under the guidance of Founder Secretary Late Pt. T.N. Mishra, in the supervision of Director Mr. S.K. Mishra. And from 1998, this institution is running ahead very successfully having many kinds of achievement.

The institution provides a strong academic programme paralleled to plenty of extra curricular activities with trained & experienced staffs. As a result, many students have got success in various field of carrier. Board Results were most gratifying, where it was for the ninth consecutive year that we had 100% results.

Beside this, various school activities and extra co-curricular activities are being held inside the campus. The aim is to exploit their talents, make them well informed and assist them in their overall development. Various houses are in function; they are Vivekanand House, Tagore House, Radhakrishna House and Raman House. Various types of competitions such as Debate, Cricket Compt., Racing, Mehndi, Rangoli Compt., Long Jump, Singing Compt., dancing Compt., and Frog jump for kids have been held among these Houses. Annual sports meet along with Science Exhibition is being held every year.

Extra curricular activities play an important role in moulding and shaping the lives of children and making them responsible citizens. They not only develop children’s mind but also increase their power of grasping, thus, making them disciplined as well as mentally and physically fit to take on the challenges of the world.
As we have to prepare the youth of our country, we have to be innovative and cater for a multi faceted development. As our country today has conceivable problem of the world and thus I feel that parents and I have a greater need to come closer and walk towards our common goal of preparing worthy citizens for this great nation.



Mr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava
Central Academy
Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur