Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations
  1. All children must reach the school at time.
  2. All students must attend the school assembly.
  3. Late come may not be allowed to enter the school or class. Continuous late comers (Ist week) could be suspended.
  4. Students must bring books according to the specified time table.
  5. Minimum 70% attendance is compulsory for Nursery to class IV and 80% for class V onwards.
  6. All the students must come neatly dressed to school. During regular checking any students found without proper uniform shall be punished. It is compulsory to come in uniform on every Saturday.
  7. Parents can meet teachers only on the 2nd Saturday of every month between 9:00 Am to 11: 30 Am. They can request a meeting with the teacher only with the prior permission of the principal.
  8. Silence must be observed in the corridors and on the stairs during class hours they should not be found talking in between periods.